Housing Ideas.

You can choose to house your bunny Indoors or Out.

Check out the following pages for Information about housing:

- Hutch Requirments 

- Indoor Requirments

- Other Housing

- Runs

Or Check out the pictures below, to get an idea of the brilliant houses that can be built.


Dog Cage

Dog Crates are excellent for Indoor Bunnies, they are spacious and come in all different sizes.

A Crate with Run

This crate has a run for when you cannot be there to supervise your bunny.



You can house a bunny or two bunnies in a playhouse like this one. It has plenty of space for the buns to move around and play.

Another Playhouse

These playhouses are also used to house bunnies...arn't they cool?

Dog Kennels and Runs

This is an excellent idea! A dog kennel and run makes the perfect accomadation for a bunny and his friend!


A Hutch is great for a Bunny. The MINIMUM size for a bunns is 6ft x 2ft x 2ft, this is why we breccomend a playhouse or a shed. This paticular Hutch, has even got a Run underneath!


Every Bunny needs a run! This one is great and is Fox Proof, so no foxes can get in, and the bunnies can't get out! Never leave your bunny in a run with no shelter when it is raining or snowing.


This run is great when it is being supervised at all times. It has plenty of space and is made up of Panels which can be bought from Happy Hutch (whose link you can find on the links page)

Hutch and Run

This is the perfect example of a Hutch and run. A shelter and a Large run for your bunny.

More Random Pictures...

This is the perfect example of an indoor setup! It looks to clean and tidy, yet the buns have got so much room! Thank you Thea! x

The following pictures, are the wonderful set-up of Hooleyslops x


NIC Cage- From *Michaela*

Wow! Loads of Pick hey? Love this cage!!

Crate and Run- From Rosie_Rabbit

How fab is this?

Panel Runs- From Hooleyslops

Great idea is you are supervising the buns!

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