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So, You have got 2 bunnies, and want to house them somewhere bigger than a hutch? Well, this is the page for you! One of the most common houses for 2 or more bunnies, or people with bigger bunnies, is a playhouse or shed! These make the perfect homes for bigger bunnies, and give bunnies more space and freedom. You can get sheds and playhouses from garden centeres and most Shed Stores. Then all there is to do, is make the house, bunny heaven! You can add shelves, curtains, mirrors and anything that your bunny needs! To cover the floor use the same as you would use for a hutch, but just more! One idea is, to take a window out, and replace it with strong wire mesh, thsi ventelates the playhouse, giving the bunnies fresh air!


Drake and Joshs' Playhouse

This is inside my bunnies playhouse, thsy have got a shelf, basket, cosy little wooden house to sleep in, and they love it! It is so cosy, and comfy for them, that they much prefer to spend the night in here than they did in their old hutch! I replaced the door window with mesh, and now the playhouse is always cool and ventilated!

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