About me...And my bunnies.

I love animals, that is partly why I made this website, to make sure every rabbit owner knows exactly how to care for their little friend.

I have got two Dwarf Lop bunnies, called Drake and Josh. They are 1year and 2 months old.

Drake- Drake is a Golden Dwarf Lop and he has got such a character. He is the shyest one of the two, but still has got a great personality! He loves Nose Rubs and his favourite food, is Parsley. He loves his tent, which is simply a childs tent from Argos. He loves to snooze in his hutch or playhouse, and munch on tasty hay.

Josh- Josh is a Magpie Dwarf Lop and he is the dominant one out of the two. He loves to run around and binky, and always seems to want to be up high (sitting on tables, etc) He loves to be stroked and fussed, and his favourite Veg is Basil. He will happily sit and have a nose run for about 40 minutes!!




We are moving house, so the bunnies are getting a new house. It iis a 16ft x 4ft dog kennel and run. They will also have a 6ft run for the grass, and summer etc. Here it is...Bunningham Palace:

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