Hutches- The Requirments!

So, you've decided to house your bunny and his friend outside? But have you thought about where you are going to house them? Well, first of all, you need to decide. If you choose a Hutch, then you need to know what size and where to get one from!

Well, the absoulute MINIMUM for two buns sharing, is 6ft x 2ft x 2ft, if you can go bigger, then please do! It is better to have more space, than not enough. A bunny should be able to hop, 3-4 hops in each direction, without having to stop. He should also be able to stand fully up-right on his back legs. Also available, should be a seperated area for sleeping, or just privacy, bunny should be able to lay streched out in this area! If you choose to buy a hutch with an upstairs, and downstairs, then please make sure that your bunny/s can hop down the ramp safely! The ramp must not be too steep, or bunny can hurt himself! I would reccomend not buying a 2-story hutch, as personally, I think you get a lot more space in a single story one, especcially if you can go bigger than 6ft!

The flooring of the hutch should be simalar to as follows: Newspaper on the bottom, Covered by Woodshavings, then a comfy pile of Hay ontop of that! Bunnies will love to snuggle into their hutch hay at night, so make sure that there is enough for both bunnies to get cosy, and have a comfy sleep.

A run should be accessable for at least 6 hours a day, a bunny needs to have a run around, as if he i kept cooped up all day, this can cause serious Health Damage! A run that is biggger than 8ft x 6ft would be fantastic! Make sure the run is covered, and is 'Fox-Proof', this means, it is safe enough, so that a fox CANNOT get in and your bunnies CANNOT get out!

Fresh grass should be available for your bunnies to eat, as well as unlimited Hay. Pellets should be fed to your bunnies twice everyday, or if on a special diet, follow instructions given by your Vet. Muesli shouldn't be fed, as Bunnies might, choose which bit of the mix they want to eat, this is called Selective Feeding, and this means, a bunny will only eat what he likes. Instead feed bunnies with Pellets, this way, they get all the vitamins and suppliments they need from food.

Fresh water should be available in the hutch AND run, either in a water bottle, or water bowl, whichever your bunny prefers!

Holiday Hutches Accommodation!

These Hutches are 6ft x 3ft x 2ft, and are used for Holiday Boarding. How fantastic do they look?!

You Can go to Holiday Hutches website Here

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