Rabbit Related Questions and Answers.

Q. Why does my rabbit dig on my clothing?
A. This is merely an attempt by the rabbit to smooth out your clothing or maybe get rid of it altogether. Rabbits will usually be chewing on your clothing at the same time. It is not an act of aggression and is normal.

Q. Why is my rabbit's head always tilted to the side?
A. This could be a serious disease called head tilt or wry neck. I highly recommend that you take your rabbit to the vet as soon as possible.

Q. Why does my rabbit chew on the cage bars?
A. This usually means that your rabbit wants to get out of her cage. It could also mean that your bunny needs something to chew on. Try giving him a block of untreated wood.

Q. Why does my rabbit lick me?
A. Many people speculate that rabbits lick people because human skin is salty. What they are really doing is showing you that they like you.

Q. Why does my rabbit grunt?
A. When your rabbit starts grunting it usually means that he is displeased. Rabbits often get mad when you start moving their stuff around or you or some other creature invades their territory. Grunting can often be accompanied by biting and charging.

Q. Why does my rabbit grind his teeth?
A. Quiet teeth grinding means that your rabbit is happy and content. If your rabbit loudly grinds his teeth, it means he is in severe pain.

Q. Why does my rabbit circle my feet?
A. Most of the time, rabbits circle because they want to mate. Other times they just want to play.

Q. Why does my rabbit mount other rabbits?
A. If a male mounts a female, they are mating. If a female mounts a male, she is trying to be dominant. If a rabbit mounts a rabbit of the same sex, it is trying to be dominant.

Q. Why does my rabbit make a buzzing noise?
A. Part of the rabbit mating ritual, usually accompanied with circling.

Q. Why does my rabbit race around and jump in the air?
A. Congratulations, your rabbit is very happy!

Q. Why does my rabbit run at me with his ears back?
A. Your rabbit is mad about something and is trying to attack you!

Q. Why does my rabbit spray pee everywhere?
A. Rabbits that are 'unaltered' often spray urine to mark their territory. Males usually do more spraying then females.

Q. Why does my rabbit scream?
A. Your rabbit is either very afraid of something or in severe pain.

Q. Why does my rabbit pull fur out?
A. Female rabbits will pull out their fur and make a nest if they are expecting babies. Sometimes female rabbits just think they are going to have babies for no particular reason. This is called a false pregnancy. Another reason rabbits pull their fur out his because they have mites or some other kind of skin malady. Look around, see what you can find.

Q. Why does my rabbit stomp?
A. Your rabbit is either very frightened, angry, or senses danger close by.

Q. Why does my rabbit rub his chin on me?
A. When bunnies rub their chin on things, they are marking it as theirs. They have scent glands in their chins which exudes a scent that rabbits can smell but humans cannot.

Q. What is binkying?
A. A series of side-ways kicking, leaping in the air, and head shaking. Your rabbit is in an extremely good mood!

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