Indoor Housing Requirements.

So, you've chose to house your bunny inside? Well, now you need to decide which cage to house bunny in. Will it be a purpose made Indoor Bunny Cage? Or will it be a 48" Dog Crate?

If you chose a cage, then you need to make sure that you choose a size that has enough room for bunny to do 5 hops sideways, and be able to strech out fully in it. As shown in the picture to the left, this cage has got a hand-made run on it, so the 2 bunnies that live here, have got a cage and run to go in! This is perfect housing for an indoor bunny! Make sure that there is always toys to keep bunny occupied.

Another indoor housing option is a Dog Crate. These make perfect bunny homes, as they come in all different sizes. The best size to choose is a 48" or bigger! This gives plenty of space for bunny to move around in, and even have a shelf in the crate. Again, make sure there is always water, hay and toys available! Then feed bunny when it is his Breakfast and Tea-Time.

NIC Cube Cages! These can be built in whatever shape, size,colour you want!  You use the cubes to make your bunny a home, this is an excellent idea, because they can fit anywhere once built! You build it to how you want it! If you want it bigger, simply use more cubes! You can buy the NIC Cubes from B&Q, Go Here.

To cover your indoor cage, you can still use the same as outdoor bunnies have, or you can use carpet! But still make sure your bunny has somewhere to snuggle up in!

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