Runs are a vital part of your bunnies setup! Your bunny needs a space to run around an exercise! He needs to burn off energy that he may have, after sleeping etc. So, what runs are there?

Well, there are all sorts of runs available. There are wooden ones, home-made ones, indoor ones, but which ever one you choose, please make sure it is safe! The run in the picture above, is one made of panels, that can be bought in sets, you fix the panels together, and make it how you want!

Please be careful when using this sort of run, as older bunnies, who are bigger, may be able to jump the fence!
Other runs are wooden ones, these are made in all shapes and sizes! A good size run is anything bigger than 6ft x 5ft, please get the biggest run you can afford!

Home-made runs are a good choice, as you make them how you want! My run was made by a fencing company, who came to my house and built the run around the playhouse! This is another way a run can be made!

Whichever run you choose, please make sure of the following:

1) It is safe, and Fox-Proof

2) It is a good size.

3) Your bunnies are having fun!

Happy Hutch Company make excellent runs, check out their website Here

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