Welcome to The Bunny House.

Here at The Bunny House, we try to be as friendly, yet helpfull as we possibly can! On the website you can learn so much about bunnies, that your brain may EXPLODE!

The website was set up in 2007, when I first got my two bunnies, I couldn't find a great deal of infornation all on one website, I had to search around dozens of sites! Therefore, The Bunny House was born! At first, the website was called Floppy Bunnies, but when we discovered the website could be a great hit, we thought it would be better to have a more professional name!


On the site you will fine everything from, hutches to sheds, and Giants to Mini Lops!... I really hope you enjoy yourself while you are here, please use the navigation bar to your left, you move from page to page!

Thansk for reading,

Jack McArdle x


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